My art is varied and multi-disciplinary. I have drawn and painted since I was a child, and doing so has carried me through some of the best and also the most challenging times of my life. I can't imagine my life without art. I am also a singer/songwriter and sound healer with my composer husband, a writer, a mom to two baby dogs named Doodle and Scout, and to one awesome 19 year old human named Griffen. I am committed to a daily practice of gratitude. I start each day with writing and posting what I am grateful for and have done so for over 5 years consecutively so far. You can find me and read my posts HERE.

This online art gallery and store is NEW for me. Due to COVID, I had to let go of an eight-year career as a Creative Director in July of 2020, and find a new path. I had always dreamed of having my art on merchandise, of designing home decor, fabrics, clothing. I built and launched ART for LIFE in late 2020. I've learned so much and worked harder than I thought was possible, and I love it. 

Everything offered here features my own drawings, illustrations, paintings and designs. As I see what people like, I add new things, remove some, and evolve. I use words and phrases that are meaningful, as well as imagery I love.


In early 2021, I began to realize how important it is for me to integrate giving into my business, and so I will be launching ART for GIVING in February 2021, featuring products that are each paired with a charitable organization I believe in. With each purchase, 25% of proceeds are donated to the organization listed. This way you can not only purchase beautiful products and art-wear, but also know that part of your money is helping to create a better world and you can choose how.