Kyle walked in to her father's art studio when she was just three years old saying, "I want to do that," pointing to one of his paintings.  From that point on she was drawing every day and has never stopped. Art is as much a part of her life as breathing.  After graduating from the Art Institute of Atlanta, her art and design career began in 1989. She has been an Art Director for textile design, has worked as a director, designer and effects artist for commercials, film trailers and a wide variety of web based content, created branding, logos, package design, game design, illustrated and designed books and more.  (Her design work can be seen at  What a ride it's been and now, she focuses this space on her heart's calling - painting and creating with all mediums by hand. 
Her fine art has moved from realism to an ever-evolving abstract, mixed media style that is intuitive, expressive, free and unstructured.  Her paintings evoke a mood, a feeling - all in the moment of creation, rarely planned or thought out beforehand.  Spontaneity and non-attachment are key to letting the paint and energy play out. 
A southern native, Kyle moved to Los Angeles in 1994 and has had a colorful, rich life and career.  Her home and studio are her havens, full of art, color and laughter that she shares with her husband, son and three sweet pups.  Community, singing, entertaining, meditation, laughter, time with friends and of course, creating art make for a yummy, full life.
"I paint because it frees me, and because I feel alive when I am creating. My work is inspired by my own life, feelings and experiences and I allow it to flow through and from me, without much planning. I often have no idea how a final piece will look until the moment it's complete. Much like life, I am often surprised and with each new creation, I change and grow and evolve. I don't know what I'll be doing next, but I know my life's purpose  is about creating from my heart. I am committed to my own self-expression is all of its forms."                                                                         - M Kyle Hollingsworth

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